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I was actually pleased with what a journalist friend of mine who had written about me for my biography, that’s if you like ‘Dorian Gray’ the full length novel; however, I realised that – well it is just not me and there is no point in wowing you with a 272 page book, I would rather you get to know me; so, no ghost writers here.

While others worry about their uniqueness, I tend to think – to hell with it, let’s just get the job done – with a smile of course.

I have passion about the future but live in the now. Some people are material led – me, well the material I like is usually wrapped around my body in a stylish yet simple clean cut way. Yes – you got it: ‘I love fashion!’. This makes my job as a fashion photographer even more exciting, as it’s not just about the job – it’s being surrounded by fabulous things and fabulous people.

In the few spare moments I get, I like to breath (believe me that can be a luxury), examine trends and now my web designer has told me I have to do that ‘social media’ thing. Yes, I am now on twitter, tumblr and instagram. So if you would like to see what I am up to now, then you can follow me (that line should make him happy).

Over the years my clients have become close friends to me, we work on ideas together. No point going off on a tangent, this does not allow for ideas to blossom. Some of you like new ideas and some don’t – that’s fine with me, I am equally comfortable doing both.

Don’t you love it when people put ‘Love Travelling’ in their biographies? What sort of travel do they mean, have to be honest – if they mean the number 8 bus in London: hell no! Some exotic location: hell yes!

Someone somewhere will want to know about my family life, so, I will keep it simple. My husband and children tell me that I am wondrous in the kitchen; cooking and baking. Let’s ponder on that term ‘wondrous’ or on my thoughts: I am a lot more wondrous, when someone else does it for me.

Whatever project you have in mind, do give me a call, this will let ideas bounce across the creative table. Look forward to speaking to you.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

Bye for now.

Sanja Beslin

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